About Us

Welcome to the Infiniti Paint and Coatings website. Infiniti Paint and Coatings have been in existence for almost a decade. Since our inception, Infiniti has always been known for providing quality High Performance Specialty Paints and Coatings that initially provided service to the special product needs in the South Eastern United States.


As a result of our continued reputation for product quality and service, we’re committed to providing the absolute finest technical sales, support, and service to our retailers across the country so to better support sales efforts.


This support also extends back to our corporate offices, labs, and manufacturing facility where ongoing research and development is incessant to assure the highest standards in Quality Control, as well as offer new products to our customers.


Infiniti products are manufactured to be applied easily, conserve energy, and add years of service life to any property in any climate zone. Besides the excellent product qualities of performance and durability, all of our products demonstrate excellent weathering ability to protect and maintain your home or business. Infiniti products are specifically formulated to save you money, protect your property, and prevent premature building materials replacement.


Infiniti’s commitment to our retailers and their customers is paramount. This includes providing quality products, service and support with the urgency required in today’s market place.